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Post Partum Doula Service (Sydney area)

Imagine a world where new Mumma's are treated like Goddesses.


This should and CAN be a reality. I believe that when a Mumma is well; the whole family is well. That’s why I offer a postpartum doula service in Sydney that includes:

  • Postpartum planning sessions

  • Birth Debrief 

  • Ongoing support via text message

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Postnatal yoga and meditation 

  • Closing ceremony

  • Nourishing meals 

  • Massage 

  • Baby holding

  • Assisting you with self care and healing in the postpartum period

I will be there to ensure you emerge from the postnatal period feeling revitalised, replenished and deeply connected to yourself and your beautiful baby. 


As a certified postpartum doula working throughout Sydney and surrounding areas, I hope to help you along the deeply transformational journey of matrescence. I will greet you warmly at the door with a nourishing, healing meal, I will massage your aching shoulders and run you a warm bath. I will hold the baby as you rest and will help you breathe, gently stretch and meditate. It is so important that you go slowly in those precious first few months after giving birth and I am here to give you the time and space to do so. 

Investment for Postpartum Doula Services (if there isn't a package below that suits you, please get in touch):

1 off visit (3 hours):                      



1 weekly 3 hour visit for a month:



 1 weekly 3 hour visit for six weeks:           



Closing Ceremony within Sydney (for postpartum at any stage- postpartum is forever) :

A closing ceremony, traditionally know as a "closing of the bones ritual" found its roots in Mexico through traditional midwifery practices and has been described as the "missing piece to postnatal transformation".

The ceremony begins with a birth debrief and a meditative ritual to help " let go" of the maiden self and begin to embrace our role as mother, healing herbal steaming practices are used to gently heat the body and then a closing ritual takes place whereby a woman's body is wrapped in cloth which helps to guide the  bones and organs back into place after the birth of her baby and helps to stimulate blood flow, but more than that, it acknowledges the deep transformation that takes place after a woman gives birth and assists in bringing her spirit back into her body.

Every Postpartum Doula package I offer (apart from the one-off visits) includes a closing ritual but you can book a closing ceremony without booking other postpartum services.

Investment: $350 for a 2.5 hour ceremony 

Enquire about booking Postpartum Doula Support or a Closing Ceremony

Thank you, I will reach out to you very soon.

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