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Mumma Burnout is common, but it shouldn't be the norm...

I have moments in my motherhood journey where I feel quite depleted.

Do any Mumma's out there relate?

I am really happy, probably the happiest I've ever been, I feel extremely fulfilled but I also have times where I feel really tired and struggle with my energy.

So, how do we identify Mumma burnout?

Well, it can be a subtle shift in energy over time, finding yourself becoming more and more depleted and tired.

Maybe you're reaching for more coffee and sugar, perhaps you are noticing shifts in your emotions and waking up with a feeling of overwhelm.

Maybe you are struggling with asking for help and feel like you're doing it all and just can't keep up.

In 2017 I suffered from extreme adrenal fatigue. Every day was a struggle and my energy was at an all time low. I am so grateful for this experience because it was through it that I delved deep into the health and well-being space and developed a love for mindfulness meditation.

And because of that experience, I now know what I need to do when I feel myself slipping back into a state of depletion.

I'm sharing some of the practices I am going to commit to for at least the next couple of months to get myself back into a state of balance.

Of course, I am not a medical practitioner and you have to do what works for you and seek advice from a trusted practitioner. But this is what has helped me in the past and will help again when I feel my energy levels beginning to plummet :

- Leaving my phone in the kitchen and using an old school alarm clock so I'm not tempted to scroll first thing in the morning. This really is the ultimate energy sapper.

- Doing a short energy protection meditation practice first thing in the morning (even if Sofia is in our bed and climbing all over me). I also follow this up with a few powerful affirmation statements around my energy and vitality, such as "I am strong, vital and energetic".

- I've booked an appointment with my amazing naturopath at who is an expert in all things relating to female hormones (Amanda at Darling Health, Leichardt). My thyroid hormone has been on the low side for a few years and I am trying to prevent myself from getting Hashimoto's Disease which runs in my family.

- Weekly infrared sauna sessions for at least a few months.

- I've booked in to see an amazing local acupuncturist (at The Dao Health). I realised I haven't seen one since I was pregnant.

- Allowing myself to rest when I need to rather than having another coffee and pushing through. Cannot believe the amount of times I've done this 🤦‍♀️.

- Committing to a daily meditation practice plus a restorative breath-work practice (even if I only spend a couple of minutes on each).

- Only doing movement that feels good for me, avoiding anything that leaves me feeling depleted and exhausted.

- Asking for a little more help and allowing Sofia to spend a little more time with trusted family members.

- Treating myself as though I am in my Fourth Trimester. This may seem weird if you are Mumma to a toddler or older child, but nourishing food, slowing down, warmth and introspection can be really helpful at any stage of your motherhood journey.

Maybe you might choose a few of these practices and see what works for you.

We really do need to protect our energy as Mumma's and while this list probably seems a bit extensive, I don't think we can put a price on our health. I also realise I am privileged to be able to access some of the services I have listed.

I know the work I do in this world as a Mumma, holder of women and teacher is so very important and I want to show up as the best version of myself in all that I do.

So when I feel myself slipping into a state of depletion, I stop, reset and realign.

Take care of you, beautiful Mumma.


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