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Sydney companies that help to support new mothers during lockdown (and are still operating)

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Hello Mumma,

You may be currently in lockdown and wondering how you can better support yourself through this time of sleep-deprivation, big feelings and potential overwhelm.

Know that although we are in lockdown there are many companies that are considered essential services and are open for when you need them the most.

I honestly want every single mother to feel cared for, seen and heard during her Fourth Trimester and I know it isn’t always possible to be close to family, especially due to travel restrictions.

I have created this list just in case you are feeling like you need to reach out for some additional support (whether that be for a meal delivery service or some healing body work).

These are companies I have either used myself or come highly recommended by many other women and families.

Body Work/ Health and Wellbeing:

Chiropractor (Sutherland Shire)

Kerry and her team at Our Family Chiropractor, Cronulla helped me so much with my postnatal recovery. I feel that I am thriving because of my regular adjustments. I went from being in constant pain as a result of hours spent breastfeeding to feeling like I have a new spine. I have interviewed Kerry for an upcoming podcast so stay tuned for that!

Postnatal massage (Sutherland Shire)

Angela and her team at Maternal Instincts massage will have you feeling rested and nurtured with their beautiful postnatal massage treatments. I saw Ange throughout my pregnancy and postpartum and still see her to this day. Their clinic at Sylvania Waters is so warm, cozy and inviting.


Amanda Haberecht from Darling Health in Leichardt has helped me beyond belief with my postnatal recovery. I went from feeling extremely depleted, constantly tired with a host of gut and thyroid issues to feeling energised, healthy and really getting the most out of life. My thyroid levels and my bloods have never looked better and I appreciate Amanda’s kindness and her holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Amanda is currently offering phone consultations in light of the current situation.


Peaches Pilates

I can’t tell you how much Peaches Pilates at Cronulla helped me with my postnatal recovery journey, I am so grateful for my thrice weekly Mums and Bubs classes, and although they are not currently operating face-to-face they are doing zoom sessions plus there is an online membership which includes postnatal recovery.

In Mind Wellness

This is a beautiful new company run by husband and wife duo Georgia and Dylan Wright. Georgia’s Zoom Pilates classes incorporate mindful movement and she can cater for postnatal recovery and mums and bubs classes. I highly recommend her classes. They also offer a free online facebook community and weekly check-ins so that we can continue to connect with each other even though we can't see each other face-to-face.

The Empowered Motherhood Program

This is physio-led online exercise and expert education program for a strong pregnancy, informed birth and empowered motherhood. How great is that? I honestly wish I had this program around when I was recovering from my c-section. I can personally vouch for the amazing work that Kimmy Smith does in empowering mothers to feel strong, healthy and vibrant. She helped me so much with my postnatal recovery and I am excited to interview her on my podcast very soon.

MotherSpace Yoga

I am currently offering online zoom prenatal yoga and yoga for women’s classes. Watch this space for face to face postnatal and mums and bubs classes once lockdown in Sydney finally ends.

Food and nourishment

The Golden Month

I thank the universe that this amazing company is now in Sydney. Their food is nourishing, wholesome, plant based and absolutely delicious, tea is included, as well as herbal bath sitz salts. The portion sizes are huge, the meals are beautifully packaged and they throw in a beautiful note for Mumma. All meals are based around the principals of Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine. They also offer packages where professionals such as acupuncturists come to the home, these services may be limited due to current restrictions.

Feed Mama First

Another amazing, local company that provides nourishing food for new mothers and their families, their meals are wholesome, using locally sourced ingredients and they have come highly recommended from many trusted sources. They have snack packs or bigger food packages for the newborn Mumma. I will definitely be putting an order in this winter, because mother’s need nourishing at all stages of motherhood.

The Postpartum Hive

Another local Mumma creating nourishing meals for the postpartum period and beyond. Simone Hills has a rotating menu for anyone who feels they are in need of nourishing food and her food looks absolutely divine! Her website is in the works.

New Mama Kit

Although this is not a food service, I highly recommend these beautiful hampers for new mothers to help nurture and inspire mothers in those early days. I was very grateful to receive mine before the birth of Sofia. They come with words of wisdom, delicious herbal teas and treats for new mothers and some other thoughtful additions that most people don’t think of when becoming a new mother. There are a range of hampers to choose from and I interviewed founder Angela in Episode 10 of The Mother Space Podcast (Season 1) so feel free to have a listen if you’d like to hear more about the kits.

Please comment below if you know another amazing business offering support to new Mumma’s at this time.

May you be happy and well, may your loved ones be happy and well xx


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